Visa and Immigration!

Visa Application Process: USA

The US is home to top-notch universities that offer numerous courses across various streams. It being one of the most preferred destination of study, there are a number of other procedures apart from the university application. Visa applications can usually be stressful and confusing. Read about the process in detail here!

Visa Application Process: UK

UK is a popular destination for student with its legacy in education as it houses some of the oldest universities of the world, imparting modern, relevant and high-quality education. When applying, it is also essential to understand the visa process, particularly for students, to be prepared with the required documents in due time. Read on!

Visa Application Process: Canada

With its high-quality education system and vibrant culture, Canada has been an attraction to international students for many decades. Each step of the immigration policies should be carefully completed, with one of the most important being obtaining a valid visa in due time. Read to know!

Visa Application Process: Australia

Australia has evolved as a study abroad destination due to the increasing number of courses offered in various universities across multiple streams. his article will guide you through the process of a Student Visa application for Australia. Keep Reading!

Visa Application Process: Germany

Free education in public universities, affordable living costs etc has made Germany a popular destination for Graduate studies. Many students in the past years have chosen this country for their education but often get confused when applying for a visa as an international student. Read On!

All About Germany’s Job Seeker Visa

Most students seeking international education also often look for employment abroad as well. Germany's Job Seeker Visa comes to the rescue as a long-term residence permit, that allows you to stay for a period of six months and fish for a job. Read for more!

Visa Application Process: Japan

Japan has over 140,000 international students enrolled from over 170 countries, providing to them an unforgettable experience. While you may have been admitted into a Japanese University, your dream to study in this modern yet cultural hub is not complete until you have obtained all legal documents. Keep reading to know more!

Visa Application Process: Singapore

Singapore, one of Southeast Asia’s most expensive cities, is ironically also an affordable educational destination with lower tuition fees. Application and immigration process of Singapore can vary quite a bit from that of Europe or America but is also handled quite smoothly. Read on!

Visa Application Process: Netherlands

These days, Netherlands is gaining prominence as a study abroad destination due to the various courses offered across multiple streams in some top-notch universities. This article will walk you through the process of visa application for the Netherlands!

Visa Application Process: New Zealand

Over Times, New Zealand is rising as a study abroad destination with multiple courses being offered by various universities in the country. Students choose New Zealand not just for full-time main courses but also for certificate courses that last for a shorter duration. Read for more!

Visa Application Process: Sweden

Because of the progressive universities in Sweden, the country has been ranked high amongst the world’s most innovative countries. After choosing a course and university, the next step should constantly be researching the visa application process of the country. This will guide you!

Things to know about: Canada PR

Canada is one of the most desired study abroad destinations globally for students across the globe. Due to the high education standards, access to numerous facilities, and ease of getting a work visa and permanent residence, many students choose this place. Read for more!

How To Get A Student Visa

Visa is simply a legal document that allows you to travel. A student visa is an essential part of a journey for any student planning to pursue their education abroad. in this article, we will understand all things that are required for the Student visa, how you can apply for it, and the process of it. Keep reading for more!

How to get PR in Australia for International students?

Right from the time you choose a study abroad destination to pursue higher education, the thought about working in the same country and obtaining permanent residency in the same region might also linger around in your mind. Keep reading to know about Australian PR!

Things to know about: United Kingdom PR

The United Kingdom is home to many of the top universities highly ranked in the Global ratings for universities. Only after Brexit, a new route for obtaining PR for the students, was introduced for both the EU and non-EU students. Read to know more about it!

Finding Companies That Sponsor Your Visa

If you wish to work abroad you need to have a work visa permit with you. We will try to learn more about the necessity of a work visa, how to obtain one, and other topics in this article. Keep reading to learn more about how you can find companies to sponsor your work visa!

All about the E-2 Investor Visa in USA

A visa is a document that allows the bearer to enter a foreign country according to the law. If we talk about visa types there are different types of visa classes like E-1, E-2, and E-3, in this article we will talk about the E-2 Visa. Read on to know more about this particular visa!

All about Canada’s Student Direct Stream (SDS)

Canada is home to many renowned universities that offer recognized courses across various streams. A student permit, which is not an educational visa, functions like one, as it is an essential document as it permits you to study in a foreign land. Read on to know more!

Everything to know about E-B5 Investor Green Card

E-B5 is an immigrant investor visa program that has been provided by the United States government for the people who want to have a permanent lawful residence in the United States. In this article, we will tell you everything about the E-B5 Investor green card. Read on!