Exams to Write!

Exams to write before you apply for graduate study

If you are planning on applying for graduate studies, you may be required to submit scores for one or more graduate admission tests. These internationally recognised tests ensure that applicants are ready to face the difficulties coming their way. To know more, read on!​

Do you really need IELTS to study in the UK?

With the new post-study work visa in place since January 2020, UK has become one of the most sought-after countries for higher education. British universities usually ask for English proficiency test but there are still universities that waived it off. Read on to learn more!

IELTS vs TOEFL - How do you choose?

If you are applying for graduate studies abroad, you will be required to take an English proficiency test as a part of your application. TOEFL and IELTS are the two most widely accepted ones available. Read our guide where we explain the differences and give a verdict in the end!

List of universities with GRE waiver for Fall 2021

Due to Covid-19 pandemic, many American universities have waived off GRE test scores as a part of admission requirements for Fall 2021. We discuss the frequently asked questions and concerns regarding the same and also provide you a list of universities in the end!

IELTS : Online vs Offline

IELTS is an integral part of the application and as one of the most popular and widely accepted proof of English proficiency, it holds high stakes in determining your graduate and post-graduate admissions. With online and offline options available, which one is better? Read on as we help you understand in detail!

Which Book Or Consultancy To Refer For IELTS And TOEFL

The IELTS and TOEFL are the two main examinations for those interested in studying abroad. Both of these exams are used to assess a candidate’s English language ability and are recognized by a variety of institutions, including immigration agencies. Read on!

All about Duolingo English proficiency test for study abroad

Every course mandates the student to fulfill a set of criteria. These criteria might differ based on the studies and the university selected; however, one requirement is common across all the fields: the English proficiency tests. Know more here!

IELTS vs. TOEFL vs. Duolingo : Which to choose?

For most universities or employment in international destinations, one standard criterion that you will have to fulfill is appearing for English proficiency tests, that is, IELTS, TOEFL, or Duolingo. Read this blog to know more about each of them and their comparations!