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What will the session be like?

You get 45 minutes to discuss whatever you want with us! Here are some examples.

Map out your entire study abroad plan

Applying to grad school is frustrating. You don't know where to start, which exams to take, where to apply, and so on. Use this session to establish a roadmap for your study abroad journey.

Formulate a strategy for your GRE preparation

Struggling with the GRE exam? Not a problem. Tell us what challenges you're facing with your preparation and we'll devise a personalized strategy for you to ace the test.

Get your personal statement reviewed LIVE

Nothing beats having an expert to bounce your ideas off of. Utilize the 1:1 session to show us your essay and discuss changes you should make to take it to the next level.

Or anything else! It's your choice.

how it works

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Step 4: Within 24 hours, we will get back to you with a schedule for the session and the meeting link.

Step 5: Join the meeting at the scheduled time and ask us all your questions!


NOTE: At this time, we only counsel students on master’s, MBA, or PhD applications and related exams. We do not offer counsel on bachelor’s degree applications or related exams.

About Your Coach


Hi, I'm Sachin Pullil!

I’m a Digital Admissions Coach, and I train students like you on how to prepare for the GRE, and how to get into their dream universities.

When I applied to college, I was lucky to have a strong support system of connections who had pursued higher education. Thus, the whole application process and exam preparation was made easier for me. Not everyone else is so fortunate. In order to help students like you, I’ve decided to teach everyone everything I know about GRE preparation and college admissions.

If you’re confused about applying to graduate school or preparing for the GRE exam, worry not! Just book a session with me below and I’d be happy to guide you on your journey.

Looking forward to speaking with you!

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We are not taking any 1:1 sessions from Dec 26th, 2021 till Jan 2nd, 2022 for the Christmas holidays. If you want to book a session, you can purchase now and book a slot for Jan 3rd, 2022, or later. Thank you for your patience. Happy holidays!

Applying to college is confusing.

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