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Hi, I'm Sachin Pullil

founder, digital admissions coach

When I applied to college for my Master’s degree, I was lucky to have a strong support system of connections who had pursued higher education. Thus, the whole application process and exam preparation was made easier for me. Not everyone else is so fortunate. In order to help students like you, I’ve decided to teach everyone everything I know about getting into top universities.

Based on what I’ve learned from my own experience and consulting with admissions officers at universities around the world, I’ve created a set of training programs which cover the different facets of GRE Preparation and College Admissions. These programs are designed to be simple, powerful, and efficient at getting you the results you want. I hope you find them gratifying on your journey to your dream university.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

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As an organization, we strive for integrity by being honest with our students about who we are and what we have to offer.

independent learning

Our programs minimize spoon-feeding and promote independent learning. This is to prepare our students for the style of education at international universities.


We ensure our content across the web is always pragmatic and never pageantry. We specialize in 100% practical, no-BS education.

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Digital Content Creator

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Writing Consultant

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Digital Marketing Executive

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How our students feel

Ankitha Girish

Ankitha Girish

RWTH Aachen, Germany,
MS in Robotic Systems Engineering

I found Sachin Pullil through one of his YouTube videos on GRE. I also attended his webinar on SOP preparation which I thought was brilliant. Hence, I subscribed to his ‘University Application Bundle: Silver Edition’ which was absolutely worth the price. Sachin also helped with all my doubts throughout the application process. Thanks to him, I was able to secure admits from four amazing universities. I have now chosen to go for Masters in Robotic Systems Engineering at RWTH Aachen University. Thank you so much for your help!

Rohit Nadakatti

167Q, 162V

I liked the approach that Sachin teaches his students. His video lectures guided me to the right preparation materials and taught me strategies on how to use these commonly available materials more efficiently. Moreover, these strategies are fueled by tons of research and loads of experience. The weekly calls helped me learn complex concepts. I learnt new approaches to problem-solving and most importantly, had a lot of fun.

Viren Luke Radhakrishnan

Viren Luke Radhakrishnan

SOP Double Review

My Statement of Purpose and Résumé looked good, but something was missing, and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. By sheer coincidence, a friend of mine who had found and liked Sachin’s services recommended them to me. And I’m glad she did because my experience has been fantastic! At a fraction of the cost of competing services, Sachin polished my documents to perfection. This, coupled with his professionalism and communication, make him an easy choice to recommend. Now I’m more confident than ever about my applications, and I know I’m putting my best foot forward when I apply!