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GRE preparation can be overwhelming

We know that preparing for the GRE exam can be dreadful.

When you first start..

You don’t know which resources to use, when to take the exam, how you should plan your preparation, when to take practice tests, what’s a good target score, etc.

You scramble for any kind of help you can get from friends, online articles, YouTube videos, and webinars – all of which give you contradictory information (only leaving you more confused).

When you actually get started..

You realize that the exam itself is crazy. The vocabulary used is insane, the level of English language feels Shakesperean, you have to write two complicated essays (which you probably haven’t done since 12th grade), and if you’ve been out of touch with Math for the past few years, then you’re probably shaking in your pants thinking about GRE Quant.

The more you study, the more you realize how little you really know, and the less confident you feel about yourself.

But it doesn't have to be so hard.

Here are just a few techniques you’re going to learn in our training.

The right way to learn GRE vocabulary words

Memorizing vocabulary words at random will have you memorizing forever. Instead, save yourself the effort and build your vocabulary the way the GRE expects you to.

Getting a great Verbal score even if you're not good at English

GRE Verbal can be challenging for native English speakers, but horrifying for non-native speakers. Learn exactly how to build your English foundation and dominate the section.

Getting a great Quant score even if you're out of touch with Math

Haven't done Math in a few years? Frightened at the thought of GRE Quant? Learn how to build a strong Mathematical foundation and beat even Math students at Quant.

Simplifying the GRE AWA essay to write 75% of it in one shot

If you haven't written an essay in years, it can be hard to piece together a decent one for the GRE. Why not just use our secret technique to break down the AWA essay to its key elements?

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Hi, I'm Sachin Pullil!

I’m a Digital Admissions Coach, and I train students like you on how to prepare for the GRE, and how to get into their dream universities.

When I applied to college, I was lucky to have a strong support system of connections who had pursued higher education. Thus, the whole application process and exam preparation was made easier for me. Not everyone else is so fortunate. In order to help students like you, I’ve decided to teach everyone everything I know about GRE preparation and college admissions.

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