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Presented by Sachin Pullil - MS admit from the University of Pennsylvania

SOP writing can be confusing

The Statement of Purpose can be the most annoying part of your application process.

Nobody tells you how you should write it, how long it should be, or how you’re supposed to stand out from the thousands of other essays admissions committees read every year.

When you look at online guides and how-to’s, they’re filled with vague (or worse, conflicting) information that only leaves you more confused that when you started.

Given the fact that the SOP is one of the most important elements in your application, the pressure on you to make it “good” is even greater!

As a result of the foggy instructions, insufficient guides, and extreme pressure on you to produce a quality essay, the statement of purpose is easily the most problematic part of your admissions process. Finally, add the fact that you have probably not written a creative essay since 10th grade, and it becomes a recipe for disaster.

But no more.

Here are just a few techniques you’re going to learn in our webinar.

Proving your passion with due diligence

Learn how to prove you're passionate to admissions committees by presenting them with the breadth and depth of your knowledge of the program.

Asserting why the program is a perfect fit for you

We'll teach you how to show universities that you are a mature candidate; that you have considered deeply about how the program fits you and how it will help you achieve your goals.

The ideal essay review process

Don't make the mistake of uploading your essay once you think you're done. Follow our 3-step review process to polish your essay to perfection before submitting it.

Tips to stand out from others

Universities get thousands of SOPs to read every year. Having reviewed over 100 SOPs ourselves, we'll teach you how to write an essay that stands apart from the rest.

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When I applied to college, I was lucky to have a strong support system of connections who had pursued higher education. Thus, the whole application process and exam preparation was made easier for me. Not everyone else is so fortunate. In order to help students like you, I’ve decided to teach everyone everything I know about GRE preparation and college admissions.

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